Stig Gustu Larsen – Love Breathe Repeat

Stig Gustu Larsen – Love Breathe Repeat – Album Review I’m loving the vibrant energy that starts this record out…like within ten-seconds or less, the snappy start to ”In The Beginning” was a solid confirmation that it was indeed, great to have artist Stig Gustu Larsen back on our pages and coming through our speakers […]Read More

SBS Podcast 015

As always…a killer lineup of tunes from the independent music-scene! Featuring music from reliable sources you’ve heard on our show like The Quality Of Mercury, The Pit and Morrow’s Memory and brand-new tunes from Dansad, A Choir Of Ghosts, William Knott, Armada Named Sound & Genius Picaso – this show is packed with dynamite songs, […]Read More

Stig Gustu Larsen – Lifelines + Echoes

Stig Gustu Larsen – Lifelines + Echoes – EP Review The melancholy piano and raindrops that begin Stig Gustu Larsen’s new EP instantly provide an isolated, intimate and haunting atmosphere.  I’ve read the background of Lifelines + Echoes and know that much of the album has heavy themes that dominate the tone, mood and lyrics […]Read More