SBS Podcast 024

Tying the record for our longest-running version of our music-podcast so far – check out the latest episode featuring music from Carry Illinois, Souleye, Blackout Lights, Sonificade, Sevencore, TKO, Trevino and Chames – also featuring brand-new cuts from Life In A Tree and Kédence!  Find out what we’ve been up to at SBS that’s been […]Read More

SBS Podcast 006

Awesome new music from Sonificade, A Truth Called Nothing, B. Notes, Da Butcher, The L.A.W., Roy Catlin & The Dudes, Undocument, Jack Of None, Scott SK Miller & A.Lane, Styop Quoons and your host Jer @ SBS – come get it!   To become the next guest on the SBS Podcast, take an audio interview […]Read More

Sonificade – Despite All The Noise

Sonificade – Despite All The Noise – Album Review Despite All The Noise, there’s a complete celebration of all-things-rock on this new album from Sonificade.  With a full eleven tracks that range and roam through the vast terrain within the genre & sub-genres from alternative to post-punk, to impressive hooks that have pop-inspirations and tremendous […]Read More

Sonificade/Exposed Edge – “Me Can Out”/”Gull Rocks”

Sonificade/Exposed Edge – “Me Can Out”/”Gull Rocks” – Split-Single Review Would you believe it? I barely typed out a word all throughout yesterday…an actual day-off for the first time in quite a while really…but of course, that doesn’t mean the music stops flowing! I stumbled across a bunch of rad new tunes while letting my […]Read More