Solitary Ant – “Dinner Plates” / “Behind”

Solitary Ant – “Dinner Plates” / “Behind” – Singles Review “My name must taste real good, it’s all in your mouth.”  #Comegrabaplateyall It’s been a minute or two!  The last time Solitary Ant appeared on these pages of ours it was way the hell back in like, what, 2018?  Maybe 2019 when we featured his […]Read More

SBS Podcast 062

Back in action for the first time since last year and ready to surge forward with the independent music-scene once again in 2019!  Rap & Hip-Hop have been stepping out of the gate with authority this year and settin’ off playlists with strong efforts from a whole posse of new emcees steppin’ up.  This show […]Read More

Solitary Ant – Til The Time Comes

Solitary Ant – Til The Time Comes – Album Review Busting rhymes out of North Carolina, Solitary Ant has been doin’ his thang for what I’m assuming is about fifteen years now, according to the math at least when you look up his social media and see he’s been making music since ‘before 2004.’  I […]Read More