Soldier Rye – Plot Twist

Soldier Rye – Plot Twist – Album Review I’m always excited to welcome back veteran talent I know we can rely on for quality tunes – and this man right here, has always been synonymous with those lemme tell ya!  Believe it or not, this year will mark the seventh that I’ve been listening to […]Read More

SBS Podcast 051

Catch a killer new episode with a ton of new & great music from out there in the independent music-scene! Includes new tunes from Soldier Rye, Astronomique, Ultratone, Kasai, and a spotlight on the new Dark Room EP from Plike – plus bonus cuts and Podcast classics from LoFi Chill, Western Estates, Porcelain People, and […]Read More

Soldier Rye – Antenna

Soldier Rye – Antenna – Album Review Four-plus years!  It was back in 2014 when Soldier Rye officially stepped into the scene with the release of his record Earth Sentence, pumping out the songs he’d been working on for the couple years prior.  Some of you regular readers of our pages here might remember somewhere […]Read More

SBS Separated 035 – Soldier Rye (SBS Produced Video-Remix 2015)

This was an absolute TON of fun.  I didn’t end up shooting the footage here in the Soldier Rye video, but man did I have fun working with the footage he had for his “Boomerang (CIDIC Remix)” cut!  Seriously!  Look at the awesome claymation stuff happening here…that’s the medium I’ve always wanted to work with […]Read More