ReLoVe – “Voices”

ReLoVe – “Voices” – Single Review Do not underestimate this crew. ReLoVe has been dropping some stellar new tunes online as of late…if ya haven’t been keepin’ them close to your playlists & on your radar, I can assure ya that you’re missin’ out on a lil’ somethin’ special.  Word on the street, according to […]Read More

ReLoVe – “Stand On Love”

ReLoVe – “Stand On Love” – Single Review I had a sneaking suspicion back in 2019 last year when reviewing ReLoVe for the first time, that I’d definitely remember them in the future, whenever I might run into them next.  And here we are now, more than a year later & who knows how many […]Read More

ReLoVe – “Fly Away (Anything Is Possible)”

ReLoVe – “Fly Away (Anything Is Possible)” – Single Review What have I always told ya folks?  If you rock whatever style of music you choose to rock, and you truly commit to it – you can end up crossing over all kinds of borders with the people out there and actually sell them on […]Read More