Rainy Day Crush – I’m Still Alive

Rainy Day Crush – I’m Still Alive – EP Review “Ch-ch-ch-changes!” If you are familiar with the music of Rainy Day Crush, you’ve become accustomed to change.  Heck – if you’re familiar with LIFE then you should be accustomed to change…I suppose it doesn’t just apply to this band specifically, but they sure have been […]Read More

SBS Podcast 042

A lineup full of inspired indie artists & bands sure to have an awesome year in 2018 – including rants on new music Monkey Fightin’ Snakes and Rainy Day Crush!  Tons of rad reasons to check this new episode out – here’s a whole list of’em below!   Your official show lineup includes: Crow Eats […]Read More

Rainy Day Crush – Calamity!

Rainy Day Crush – Calamity! – EP Review Powerful stuff out of Milwaukee! I don’t know if I can recall anything else I’ve reviewed from there…so this might be what the entire scene sounds like; and what a diverse and charming place that would make to live, wouldn’t it? Okay…maybe I have the advantage of […]Read More