Paul Denis – “Louis”

Paul Denis – “Louis” – Single Review If you’ve ever read any my past reviews or thoughts on the music of Canadian artist Paul Denis, then you already know he’s a man that puts an incredibly impressive amount of thought into the music he makes.  From his record called A Passing Storm back in 2018, […]Read More

Paul Denis – “Magic Eraser”

Paul Denis – “Magic Eraser” – Single Review I don’t think you’re gonna run into this scenario often, or ever again for that matter…this new single “Magic Eraser” by Canadian artist Paul Denis is actually FORTY YEARS in the making.  Believe me when I tell ya…you look at the length of the song just shy […]Read More

SBS Podcast 045

Of course we’re bringing it!  New episode of the SBS Podcast that’ll take ya from electro all the way to rock in just ten easy steps – sign up now! Your ears will thank you for it.   Your official lineup for episode 045 includes: David Stephenson – “The Electronic Woodpecker” The Boxes – “Angels […]Read More

Paul Denis – A Passing Storm

Paul Denis – A Passing Storm – Album Review Been looking forward to getting this review out there for you fine people.  If you tuned into the last episode of the SBS Podcast, you’ve already heard a whole bunch of great things about the man behind the music, along with a double-shot sample of Paul […]Read More

SBS Podcast 044

An awesome lineup of tunes as we discuss the importance of loving the process & loving the journey when it comes to making your music!  Featuring rants about what you’ll find in the latest music from The Foshays and Paul Denis – with double-shots of their tunes for good measure!   Your official show lineup […]Read More