Mikkee – “I Want You More”

If you think you got troubles, y’aint.  Mikkee’s whole ‘face is gone‘ on the new single “I Want You More” – so just try to imagine dealing with that!  In a chilled-out atmosphere, the versatile entertainer floats hazily along debating his own existence with a stylistic sound infused into the vibe & music surrounding him.  […]Read More

Mikkee – “The Coldest Girl”

“What’s cooler than being cool?  ICE COLD!”  Let us not forget the words of the immortal Outkast. Versatile artist Mikkee gets it!  While he might have been burnt somewhere along the way by “The Coldest Girl” alive – what’s a better way to get your revenge than by turning tragedy into inspiration, music & art […]Read More