SBS Live This Week 104

Rappin’ it up y’all – it’s Christmastime! We’ll take you through a ton of the vids we’ve been promoting this year & some classics from the past in the mix as well – PLUS, we got a spotlight on 00Guwap and his debut cut for ya – a killer vid to come with it too, […]Read More

SBS Podcast 034

Stoked for the show today! Actually got some vitamins in the host & I’m officially back to a vertical position & ready to play some killer tunes on the SBS Podcast. New music from TKO, MPG, Qualia, Mercury & The Architects, Joseph Sant, John Clark, Yellow Paper Planes, Chames, Armada Names Sound and MC² – […]Read More

MC² – “No Substitute”

MC² – “No Substitute” – Video/Single Review Alright people…class is in session! I am absolutely digging what I’m hearing from hip-hop crew MC² – these guys got the vibe.  The brand-new single “No Substitute” is smooth perfection – both emcees Louis “LQ” Iverson and Keith “Smeazy” Passmore sound spectacular on their latest cut…real Hip-Hop is […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 071

Check out a full-set of hip-hop from rapper Napz Meka live out of Olympia in Surrey, BC from 2014 when we first saw him on stage during our first five years! Bonus video from Joshua & Kristina for their new single “Higher” and spotlights on new hip-hop/rap music from MC² and 1 Donnel – enjoy!Read More