April 2022 Wrap-Up @ The Secret Stash

Here’s another month’s worth of incredible music that has been absolutely ignored by the vast majority of the planet – including YOU! C’mon now…quit blushing.  You know how proud you are of your anti-music stance!  There’s so much time for music in any given day…but you…you chose specifically to watch that funny cat video on […]Read More

SBS Podcast 007

Excellent lineup of tunes from the independent music-scene!  We’ll talk about the unique qualities that drive the music…the whole conformity vs. non-conformity thing…bring back some excellent bands we’ve played on the show in the past as well as some brand-new tunes including a debut of a brand-new single from Outrun The Arrow!  Lots going on, […]Read More

Max Million – Monogramma

Max Million – Monogramma – EP Review Hot off the press!  I’m serious – this is about as fresh as it gets…not just in the incredible sounds on this new EP from Max Million, but I’m talking about timeline itself – the Monogramma EP just came out today!  If you’re a fan of electronic-music, IDM, […]Read More