SBS Podcast 159

Heck ya! One last time to turn up some tunes from the almighty independent scene in January, so let’s fire it up!  We’re opening up the vault, all the way back to March 2022, to reveal songs from a whole bunch of albums, EPs, and singles we purloined on a Bandcamp Friday from nearly two […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 059

Come and get some! All new all music episode of SBS Live This Week featuring videos/music from Macedo, Paul The Trombonist, Phillip Foxley, Dave Wirth, The Sunless Sea, Blackout Lights and Zeeb? – also a feature spotlight on the electro-music of M.V.A.!Read More


Interview with M.V.A. SBS:  M.V.A.!  Hello and welcome to our pages my friend.  You’ve gone by a few different names throughout your career & time in music…tell us a bit about your history and the music you made previously, and let us know a bit about what led to the switch to M.V.A. M.V.A.:  Hi […]Read More

SBS Podcast 023

Dig it! On this week’s show we talk about longevity in the independent music-scene, what it takes to stick around throughout the years and what to do instead of worrying about a million hits. Featuring excellent tuneage (as always!) from a ton of amazing artists & bands on the show – check out songs by: […]Read More

M.V.A. – Dream To Nightmare (Music Video Version.1)

Stoked to be checking out the music of M.V.A. over the coming weeks in all kinds of different ways! Highly impressed with the introduction I’ve just had through the latest single/video for “Dream To Nightmare” (Music Video Version.1)  and from the sounds of what I hear in this tune…I’m thinking we’re gonna get along just […]Read More