July Wrap-Up @ The Secret Stash

There was a moment there, a month back in June or so, where it felt like we were really surging with optimism over the lack of enthusiasm surrounding this new project of ours…yep…for a second there, it almost seemed like we might even hit a total of twenty subscribers by the time just a half-year […]Read More

SBS Podcast 110

It’s been about forty episodes since the first edition of the Merry Melting Pot – and it’s about time we cooked up another one for ya!  Join us as we glide through a set-list that’ll take ya from one side of sound straight through to the other, celebrate this year’s nominations in the quest for […]Read More

Ken Fox

Ken Fox Interview SBS:  Ken!  My man!  Can you believe it’s nearly been five years since we did our first interview?  The anniversary of that first encounter is comin’ up on November 10th this year.  I suppose the obvious question is how come I keep getting older and everyone else seems to be aging in […]Read More

Ken Fox

SO COOL to talk with Ken Fox – what a genuinely rad guy! As I’ve mentioned…November has been an inspiring month already in meeting some truly focused artists & bands, and Ken Fox is one of them for certain.  I really enjoyed this interview personally…it was awesome to talk about the new Echoes EP with […]Read More