Keith Richie – Skylines

Keith Richie – Skylines – Album Review You might be surprised to hear it…but there are actually quite a few ways that I enjoy waking up in the morning.  For instance…I got up today thinking there was a strong chance it was Thursday, only to eventually discover it’s actually Sunday – and I like that…I […]Read More

Keith Richie – March Of The Inanimate

Keith Richie – March Of The Inanimate – Album Review I tend to get lost hypnotically into the music of Keith Richie – it’s a pleasure to have more music to hear from him and have it represented up here on our pages again so soon after reviewing his latest album Ambient Highways. Released in […]Read More

Keith Richie – Ambient Highways

Keith Richie – Ambient Highways – Album Review It’s actually extremely easy to get completely lost in Keith Richie’s new album Ambient Highways – I’m not going to be the guy that blames you for looking up to discover you’re on track #6 and thinking you’re still on track #2 as this new record plays […]Read More

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