SBS Podcast 084

Let’s all celebrate the fact that the Christmas tunes are packed away for another sweet, sweet eleven months or so, and turn up some real tunes for the new year! We’ll be talking about the artist Prymrr on the show today, in addition to spinning cuts from The Brilliance, Olga Solar, Correigh, Echoofmyvoice, Nomadic Attic, […]Read More

SBS Podcast 069

A whole bunch of fresh energy & great songs on today’s podcast! Got audio-awesomeness comin’ atcha from the lefts & rights with tunes from Alisa Chirco, Porcelain People, RaR Featuring J. Burney, Julia McDonald, Paul De Leon, Olga Solar, Nouri, and Meghan & Caitlin! Also making stops along the way to talk about the new […]Read More

Julia McDonald – “Gravity”

Julia McDonald – “Gravity” – Single Review Hmmm.  Yep! When I scan through my own mainstream collection of music to see what I might want to listen to, the process is a strange one.  Say I get like, 100 new downloads…ten songs roughly a piece…I’ll check through them all in the late-night hours here at […]Read More