John Keenan – Mind Of A Madman II

John Keenan – Mind Of A Madman II – Album Review I tell ya…four or five years go by and they start wondering if the man remembers them at all, ya feel me? I’ll admit to being in my forties and now preserving a bit more hard-drive space in this brain of mine, but I […]Read More

John Keenan – Late Bloomer Sampler

John Keenan – Late Bloomer – Album Sampler/Singles Review Just passed the five-year anniversary of the first time we listened to John Keenan’s music…way back in the day, back in ’13 through the album Imagination To The Nation, which we reviewed here at SBS.  While it’s easy to point out that these milestones are obviously […]Read More

SBS Podcast 022

It’s that magical time of the week once again! On this episode of the ol’ SBS Podcast we tackle the current state of politics and how the state of the independent music union is the strongest one on earth.  Amazing music for you to hear, as always – and I’ll let you know the details […]Read More

John Keenan – Imagination To The Nation

John Keenan – Imagination To The Nation – Album Review Ok! John said himself in a message to me that he’d “rather be slapped with the truth than kissed with a lie” – so let’s get to the slappin’ shall we? No one really wants to kiss this overgrown beard-garden I call a face anyway. Seriously – I […]Read More