Jared Mancuso – Hype!

Jared Mancuso – Hype! – Album Review Word on the street from all my peers out there is that Jared Mancuso seems to be single-handedly restoring Rock’N’Roll back to its esteemed glory.  Seriously…these are some worthy pulled quotes if I’ve ever seen’em in a bio!  Given that I almost never fully agree with anything they’ve […]Read More

77Cousins – “HYPE”

The good ol’ story of a couple guys “lovin’ life and makin’ money in the nation” – you know how it is.  Check out the latest video from 77Cousins for the single “HYPE” as they combine Trap/Club/Hip-Hop into one ballin’ experience in their new video.  Beautiful bodies shakin’ all over the place, cash-money everywhere you […]Read More