SBS Podcast 111

We wouldn’t leave ya hangin’ on a New Year’s Eve without a soundtrack to turn up!  Back with one last episode before 2020 is all over – we’ve got Proof Of Purchase! Volume 9 loaded up for ya to enjoy tonight, tomorrow, or whenever ya see fit to tune in to some genuine audio awesomeness […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 051

New all-music episode for ya! Music/Videos From:  Annie Becker,  Nixie,  Aztec,  Filthy Little Thieves,  Lyrical Assassin,  Lindstrom And The Limit,  ES The Music Sides,  hidingtobefound,  Davidson Calfee and a spotlight on the music of Curtis Lee Putman – come get it!!!Read More

SBS Separated 017 – hidingtobefound (SBS Produced 2014)

SBS Separated Continues! Enjoy This!  Here’s an extremely talented and stylistic artist that we stumbled across in 2014 – hidingtobefound.  We had the privilege of being able to work on the video for the song “Por Vida” and this was the end result!  A killer vibe in the song needed a dark and mysterious video […]Read More

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