January Wrap-Up @ The Secret Stash

Awwwww independent music-scene, you’re so good at keeping a secret it makes us blush. With a grand-total of zero subscribers so far & counting to-date, you’re doing your part to help keep your music hidden away from the world – congrats! Also, sarcasm is still a thing we’re featuring here, in addition to your music […]Read More

Henry Metal – 8

Henry Metal – 8 – Album Review The associations we make with music can be wonderfully strange sometimes.  If you’ve been following along with our pages, then you already know from reading past reviews on Henry Metal that this is one of my all-time favorite band-names EVER – but I’ve never actually described how I […]Read More

SBS Podcast 041

A lineup full of great singers, songwriters & bands of all kinds – you know what to expect from us at the SBS Podcast! Stockpiled with information on the latest in what’s happening out there in the independent music-scene, including details on new albums from the John Sellers Band and Andy Michaels.   Your official […]Read More

Henry Metal – V

Henry Metal – V – Album Review This guy!  There is so much personality and character in the music of Henry Metal that it should blow your mind.  Here’s another solo-act that has the ability to sound like a raging full-band – this dude puts in an insane amount of work into his music that […]Read More

Henry Metal – So It Hath Begun

Henry Metal – So It Hath Begun – Album Review And the award for best band name out there in the independent music-scene goes to… HENRY METAL! So It Hath Begun.  Damn right it has! I’m rare to strip a direct quote unless I really see one that says something better than I feel like […]Read More