SBS Podcast 064

We’re back with another killer set of independent tunes for ya! We’ll give you a whole bunch of reasons to be excited about this year throughout the episode, make some time to discuss the music of Love Ghost and Gonetcha – we’ll and play amazing cuts from Acharya, The Twelve AM, Tough On Fridays, Closer, […]Read More

Gonetcha – Fickle Games

Gonetcha – Fickle Games – Album Review Hey right on…been a while since we caught up with Gonetcha…last time around was close enough to this time last year I’d say…seems like the band is running like clockwork and getting a record out per year of its existence so far.  Which would make, by my calculation, […]Read More

Gonetcha – Mission

Gonetcha – Mission – Album Review Gonetcha began its journey into music in 2017 and only a year later, here we are already with album number two called Mission, the follow-up record to the debut release Métro de Pensées.  As many of you know – that’s an impressive workload…but I have the feeling when you’re […]Read More