SBS Live This Week 081

Check out part II of our interview with singer/songwriter Ed Roman! We’ll get into all kinds of craziness that is guaranteed to get you smilin’ and having a great time whilst soaking up the pearls of wisdom & knowledge bombs that Ed drops throughout the interview…PLUS – two exclusive LIVE performances just for the show, […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 080

Brand-new episode of SBS Live This Week! A video-interview with singer/songwriter Ed Roman no less! Part I of II – make sure to check out what this guy has to say and the exclusive LIVE performances he’s put together in this episode.  A real gentleman and a complete pro in every sense of the word, […]Read More

Ed Roman

Absolutely loved talking with Ed Roman, solo-artist based on the eastern-side of Canada in Ontario – I couldn’t help but be pleased with the answers that have come back in this interview…much of this explains a lot of how I personally feel about musicianship in Canada, only much better put coming from the words and […]Read More