Sommer Saffron – “Dream”

Quaint, ain’t it? I’ve been reading a lot about this band known as Sommer Saffron and the artist behind it all, Leslie Liles.  According to the legend online and all these details I’ve read, you can consider her a complete lady of the musical realm in just about every conceivable way; she teaches music, she […]Read More

Silent Gnomes – Dream

Silent Gnomes – Dream – EP Review Alright…I’m convinced.  I wasn’t 100% sure I heard it at first. When the opening track from the Silent Gnomes Dream EP began and got the energy flowin’ right off the drop, I’d be the first to say I’d be the last to complain about what I was hearing.  […]Read More

Ramhero – “Above It All” Featuring Dream & Txmic

Ramhero – “Above It All” Featuring Dream & Txmic – Single Review Time to end this decade…got one last single here for ya to remind you to rise “Above It All” – the calendar resets itself once more for us all tomorrow…get yourself ready to make the most of 2020. Way back towards the beginning […]Read More