Dr Optimiser – Borders

Dr Optimiser – Borders – Album Review Any time I find Lemon Jelly listed in the tags for an album, I can promise ya, I’m more than interested.  I pretty much wish all music was Lemon Jelly, all of the time.  In their absence however…I’m more than happy to welcome back Dr Optimiser to our […]Read More

Dr Optimiser – “100 Steps To The Shoreline”

It’s tracks like these that make late-night musical exploration so damn wonderfully worthwhile.  I’m callin’ it like I’m hearin’ it tonight – and I’m tellin’ ya…if you can’t get down with this rad electro jam from Dr Optimiser you are clearly dead inside…because this…THIS…is freakin’ genius.  Expertly structured to deliver pure audio entertainment from the […]Read More