DID NOT! – Yeah, You Did…

DID NOT! – Yeah, You Did… – Album Review I feel like I always end up rushing to comment on new records by Bill Owens’ other band, Blunt Objects, and as a result, end up leaving DID NOT! off to the side until I’m good & ready to have a listen.  It’s not like I […]Read More

DID NOT! – Again?

DID NOT! – Again? – Album Review All this extra punctuation…confusing the heck outta my spell-check machine here… It was actually one month ago to the day that I first learned about Bill Owens and the music he was making in DID NOT! – or at least a month ago to the day that I […]Read More


DID NOT! – DID NOT! – Album Review Love the way the synths come in and the drums ramp up the energy on “My Reverie” as this song gets this DID NOT! album going from the middle of summer last year…and the way Bill Owens bends his vocal melody as the chorus comes in around […]Read More

DID NOT! – (Did So)

DID NOT! – (Did So) – Album Review All this back & forth I tell ya…DID NOT!, (Did So)…I mean…it sure seems and sounds like SOMETHING happened, can we all agree on that?  Otherwise how did I get here?  I only tend to show up in people’s lives when there’s music to be listened to…but […]Read More