Delra Harris – Vibe

Delra Harris – Vibe – Album Review If you knew what I knew, then you’d know that there’s no way Delra Harris is gonna let you down with his music whenever this dude releases a brand-new record.  Stoked to have this dude back in action! “I’ll never forget you,” Delra sings on “Walk With Me […]Read More

Delra Harris – HMAI Album Sampler

Delra Harris – HMAI – Singles/Album Sampler Review Interesting mix of Soul, R&B, Gospel & faith-based music from singer/songwriter Delra Harris…believe it or not, we’ve got nine tracks from his new record HMAI in review today and that’s just a tiny bit over the halfway-mark of the seventeen-track epic he’s just released.  That’s a hefty […]Read More