Dan McLean Jr. – “Let’s Stop Hurting Each Other”

Dan McLean Jr. – “Let’s Stop Hurting Each Other” – Single Review I think what I might like most about Dan McLean Jr.’s music is the bold degree of honesty that comes along with it.  I know I have the advantage of being able to have talked with Dan behind the scenes of the music […]Read More

Dan McLean Jr.

Sometimes I find myself wishing I could show you all the correspondence that takes place in behind the scenes of talking with musicians & people we meet here through SBS…and if I could, I’d most certainly show you some incredible conversations I’ve had along the way! A supreme gentleman and extremely thoughtful personality – it […]Read More

Dan McLean Jr. – “I’ve Seen Love”

Dan McLean Jr. – “I’ve Seen Love” – Single Review As much as I might try to resist the soft-rock genres…sometimes you can’t help but enjoy something that someone has clearly put their heart & soul into, no matter if the sound is to your personal taste or not. While it might not be something […]Read More