Craving Rain – Craving Rain

Craving Rain – Craving Rain – EP Review Way back in January before the world got locked down, I had the pleasure of interviewing Craving Rain’s Jasmine Wietzke.  With a debut EP being released on the horizon, it was clear the plan for 2020 was to attack and stir this music-scene on up a bit, […]Read More

SBS Podcast 085

This week on the show, we toast, tribute, and pay our respects to the awesomeness in the independent music-scene with a full episode stocked full of the winners of our annual quest for our best new sound – all selected by YOU!  Book-ending both sides of the episode, we’ll also play brand-new cuts from two […]Read More

Craving Rain

Interview With Jasmine Wietzke Of Craving Rain SBS:  Jazzer!  So stoked to have ya with us and back on our pages.  We go back quite a way at this point – I first met ya in 2013, can you believe that?  Man time flies.  And of course, we met ya in the band you were […]Read More