July Wrap-Up @ The Secret Stash

There was a moment there, a month back in June or so, where it felt like we were really surging with optimism over the lack of enthusiasm surrounding this new project of ours…yep…for a second there, it almost seemed like we might even hit a total of twenty subscribers by the time just a half-year […]Read More

Clay Hughes – “Quindaro & 5th”

Clay Hughes – “Quindaro & 5th” – Single Review What’s not to love about the music of Clay Hughes?  I love this guy. You remember his single/video from last year called “Atmosphere” here at the pages don’t ya?  If you don’t for some reason, or you’re not familiar, be sure to click on that link […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 100

Who’s still up & eatin’ candy?  Got some candy for your ears & eyes right here is what we’ve got!  Happy Halloween everyone.  Got a brand-new episode featuring all kinds of music & vids from:  Colorstarr, Bone Nest, Clay Hughes, Elite|Fitrea, The ATif, S.e Elliott & That Awful Rhythm, Joseph Tonelli, I, Useless – and […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 088

Catch an acoustic set from the First Five Years series on SBS Live This Week from Laura Kelsey + Rory MacRury outside at the studio in 2013 – and stick around for a bonus vid from Clay Hughes for his stunning single “Atmosphere!”Read More

SBS Podcast 047

Awesomeness in audio form! Come get some new tunes & info in ya, featuring highlights and rants on the music of Illusionaut, Clay Hughes, and Sham Gabr!  Additional cuts on the show from Joe Jermano, The Drama Dolls, Kemikal Storm, Skelley’s Dream, Melonvine, Randy Steele, and Nick de la Hoyde – come get some!   […]Read More

Clay Hughes – “Atmosphere”

Clay Hughes – “Atmosphere” – Music Video Release/Review Don’t call it a comeback – he’s been here for years! Though it is somewhat…rumor has it that artist Clay Hughes has been away from music for a while, but according to his website, social-media & all that, we’ve got him back.  This is my first experience […]Read More