SBS Podcast 018

Here we go again folks! Jer @ SBS answers the questions you’ve got on your mind…whatever they might be! Featuring incredible new tunes that are seriously fresh onto playlists right now with new music from artists/bands that have just released brand-new stuff out into the world including: Astral Darkness, Swami Lushbeard, Steve Ryan, Dansad, Western […]Read More

Astral Darkness – Hell Is A State Of Mind

Astral Darkness – Hell Is A State Of Mind – EP Review Germán Pavelek – the mind behind the music of Astral Darkness is back in action with a brand-new EP, Hell Is A State Of Mind.  For many out there…that’s not just a great title for an EP – those are words to live […]Read More

Astral Darkness – Surreal Dreams

Astral Darkness – Surreal Dreams – Album Review After a moment of slight hesitation, I was suddenly a lot more sure that I loved what Astral Darkness has put together. The opening of “Pulsing Star” leans itself towards the quickly-solved mystery of ‘am I about to listen to an amateur or a pro?’ within the […]Read More

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