Amal Saber – “Azin Ino”

Amal Saber – “Azin Ino” – Music Video Release/Review Alrighty folks – by now you should be plenty familiar with the name Amal Saber already!  You might have heard her latest single “Azin Ino” on the SBS Podcast – or maybe you tuned-in earlier today to check out her video on the new episode of […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 115

One of our most requested sets comes out of the vault – it’s Nixie from back in 2013!  From back in our studio in BC during our first five years, we invited them on out to come rock – and they sure did that!  The in-house PA system was literally never the same…busted beyond repair […]Read More

SBS Podcast 073

Back in action post-vacation! Awesome lineup of tunes, fantastic interview guest, new stuff in the mix – this episode’s got it all for ya!  We spend our time talking to a truly sweet soul – singer/songwriter Alison Newman – and she’ll fill you in on all kinds of details about her brand-new record in response […]Read More