Amal Saber – “Azin Ino”

 Amal Saber – “Azin Ino”

Amal Saber – “Azin Ino” – Music Video Release/Review

Alrighty folks – by now you should be plenty familiar with the name Amal Saber already!  You might have heard her latest single “Azin Ino” on the SBS Podcast – or maybe you tuned-in earlier today to check out her video on the new episode of SBS Live This Week – but just in case you haven’t had a chance to have a look & listen for yourself yet, you know we like to keep all the angles covered, so we’re posting it up here for you at the homepage as well!

All that being said, from the amount of hits, subscribers, and followers this Moroccan artist already has, there’s a great chance that you saw the video or heard her new single long before we got it here!  Taking the world by storm she is – Amal Saber is proving to be an international sensation and having a real breakthrough year for her music career.  When you have a look at how the video for “Azin Ino” turned out, you’ll know exactly why the buzz has been going so strong; not only does Amal completely have the look, she’s got a great voice to go with it, and an absolutely solid video to support her brand-new song.

Presented by Le Fe Films…in a film by Marlon Kapry, “Azin Ino” visually transports you immediately to another place & time, blending in the old-world with the stylistic-new one we live in now, perfectly combining them through the scenery & modern-dance you’ll see onscreen throughout the new video.  Amal’s exceptional voice is the very first thing you’ll hear as you follow a figure walking across the desert alone, with the footprints being left behind the only visible thing you can see for miles & miles as “Azin Ino” begins.  By the time you see Saber for the very first time around the thirty-second mark as her new single kicks-in to gear and the beat comes in, you can already see with your own eyes the top-shelf level of production involved here – this video is about as pro as pro gets, & completely plays like it’s a movie.

As I’ve pointed out on our various shows, it’s the cross-cultural sound & style she’s working with in her music that’s reaching right around the globe to thousands-upon-thousands of ears out there listening.  As far as I understand it from the notes I have here on Amal’s latest cut, it’s sung in Berbic and Spanish – and I don’t know a single word of either language – but that’s where the magic is…in finding music that’s still able to break that barrier and connect to anyone listening, no matter what language they speak.  That’s what has made, and always will make, music the universal language we all share between us, together.  So full salute to Saber, because she really is reaching an impressive amount of people with her music from a distance so far away, and as the buzz continues to grow, of course she’ll reach even more.  I do know for a certain fact that she’s extremely excited about how “Azin Ino” turned out and stoked to share it with everyone/anyone who is willing to spend three-minutes of their time to check it out…and who could blame her?  “Azin Ino” exceeds expectations for sure to say the very least – I’m honestly not the least bit surprised that it’s taking over the internet – and you KNOW you’ve got three spare minutes somewhere in your own life to check this single out for yourself – so do the right thing & push play if you’re one of the few people left remaining on the planet that hasn’t already seen Amal’s latest video!

You see what I’m sayin?  This fine lady has tremendous style and she knows how to make it work!  Amal’s a beautiful lady and a powerful presence – and the new video for “Azin Ino” does an outstanding job of highlighting her star quality, in addition to providing you with eye-popping scenery at all times.  From the colorization of the video to the incredible set surrounding Saber, all hands on deck involved in making this video/single as effective as it is deserve a true high-five and a fist bump for a job well done.  The results of their efforts create a clearly cinematic experience for viewers to dig, and the organic, smooth, and fluid way this whole beat plays & Amal’s vocals sound ends up giving this remarkable combination just about every advantage under the sun in terms of being about to reach the people out there.  Saber’s got dance-moves of all kinds for ya, upside-down pyramids goin’ on, background actors, costumes, choreography…a setting that’ll drop your jaw just to look at it – “Azin Ino” covers all the bases when it comes to all-around entertainment in giving your eyes something gorgeous to watch & your ears something stunning to hear.

Ain’t no doubt about it – the queen stays the queen here in Amal’s new video for “Azin Ino” – she’ll show you directly onscreen that she’s got that X-factor and the crossover sound to go with it.  She performs with confidence both on the mic and onscreen in the vid – and ultimately, you couldn’t ask for a single thing more than exactly what she gives ya in this visual/audio combination she’s got goin’ on.  She’s got personality, charisma, and a uniquely charming voice – and she’s got herself a completely solid pairing between the song that you hear with the scenes you see in the video.  Definitely a strong chapter in the book of ‘how to go about making an impact with your new single’ – Amal Saber is not only having a banner year in her music-career, she’s proving with “Azin Ino” she’s ready to lead the way for the rest to follow & set an all-new standard for the quality, effort, focus, and commitment required to succeed.

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