1700 Monkey Ninjas – “Ahb Seshun”

1700 Monkey Ninjas – “Ahb Seshun” – Single Review Hmm…something about this name seems vaguely familiar… You kidding me? Over time, I might forget bands with names like The Wallflowers, Big Sugar, Muse…hell, even after a near-certain future spent battling alzheimer’s I’ll stand a chance at forgetting names like The Beatles and my favourites, The […]Read More

1700 Monkey Ninjas – You ARE The Storm

1700 Monkey Ninjas – You ARE The Storm – Album Review Perfect day to discuss this album You ARE The Storm by 1700 Monkey Ninjas; and as the name certainly suggests, you can expect the unexpected all throughout this album. What begins with the massive sounds of “Skavenjurr” are merely just the beginning to this […]Read More