SBS Podcast 031

 SBS Podcast 031

UNREAL show full of amazing tunes today! Back & fresh from vacation, we’re unleashing a whole pile of fresh cuts on ya – come get’em!

Featuring music from Jigsaw Man, Blackout Lights, Yellow Paper Planes, The Most Beautiful Losers, Vaultry, Melonvine, Static Choke, Smoking Martha, EMPRA, David Stephenson & a spotlight on the music of Danny Baxley – don’t miss out, click it and turn it up!


Your official show lineup includes:

Melonvine – “Round & Round”

Yellow Paper Planes – “Take A Step Back”

EMPRA – “I Won’t Give Up”

David Stephenson – “Death By 1000 Cuts”

Jigsaw Man – “1000 Apologies”

Danny Baxley – “Love Sex Alcohol”

The Most Beautiful Losers – “Blood, Bullets And Guns”

Static Choke – “Big Bank Pimp”

Blackout Lights – “Finally, You Found A Way Out”

Vaultry – “A Letter To A Dead Friend”

Smoking Martha – “Baby Let Me Go”


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