SBS Podcast 060

 SBS Podcast 060

Got a loud one for ya full of wild tunes before we try & find some Christmas cheer on the next episode – on this one, we’re celebrating all things Rock and taking some random questions from the infamous bowl-o-questions sent in by SBS fans. It’s been at least a year or so since we’ve done one of these, so hopefully there’s a couple good questions and a couple good answers to go with’em. You’ll have to tune in to know for sure – so do that!

Cuts on the show today from: The Pit, Ed Hale, Vaultry, Resilient, Acharya, Fast Talkers, The Blackmail Seduction and Fey – and we’ll give you a few details on the upcoming record Awkward Silence by Ex-Okay coming out in a week as well. As usual, the show’s fully loaded with audio awesomeness…so you know the right thing to do – come get some!


Your official show lineup includes:

Fast Talkers – “Rat Traps”

Acharya – “Tilt”

Ed Hale – “Gimme Some Rock’n’Roll”

Resilient – “Slack”

The Blackmail Seduction – “Tell The World”

The Pit – “Song For The Pit”/”Dougie Pap”

Ex-Okay – “Locked”

Vaultry – “Wildfire”

Fey – “Blood Flies”

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