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Sign on up to get your music-video played on our dedicated independent music-show, SBS Live This Week!



All ya gotta do is send us the video you’d like to see on the show via download link – we’ll let you know when your episode is going to be posted and how we’re going to make you a part of it!  Make sure to select some awesome extras!

What’s In It For YOU?

Hey everyone!  We host an internet show from our music studio here in Canada; we dig all kinds of music and points of view – we also love videos and indie artists in all genres, skill-levels, and styles – so don’t be shy!  Independent music is what we’re all about through our studio and show – we believe that everyone has a unique voice & the right to be heard.

Now it’s your turn to help yourself get noticed & all you have to do is have an original music video!  Send that on over to us, and from there we’ll find the best episode of our show, SBS Live This Week, that we can to make your video a part of, and help you get it some extra attention by showing it to a whole new audience that we’ve established over the seven-plus years we’ve been putting our episodes online.  Our shows are designed to create cross-exposure for indie bands by assembling them in such a way that you get a LOT of music by at least a couple of guests, which of course allows their fans to see your video and also vice-versa.  Come be a part of the fun – order up this service and get your video played on SBS Live This Week!

We look forward to hearing from you and can’t wait to hear your music!

– Jer @ SBS

Check Out Some Examples!

Closer On SBS Live This Week, with bonus video from A G E N T:

Aeterna On SBS Live This Week, with bonus video from Roselyn:

Charming Timur On SBS Live This Week, with bonus video from Jack Of None:

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