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Let’s tell the world about your music by putting you right in the spotlight on our internet music show. There’s also tons of extras you can add as well!

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Please send us

– any links to as much of your band info as you can provide

– include anything else about you that you’d like us to share with the world

– a link to download your music video from so that we can play it on the show

We are here to help!

Let us announce your music to the world!

With your order, we’ll create a memorable spotlight surrounding the details of your band to put on our internet music-show SBS Live This Week!  We create a complete detailed profile on your band, including information gathered from your social media pages, your music, biography, and any other specialized notes & tidbits we can find that help truly highlight the strengths in what you create.

This is UNIQUE in the sense that we bring the whole thing together with in-depth research, wicked and credible commentary, links on-screen in your very own spotlight dedicated to your band or music on our show.  We’ll take a complete time-out from whatever else is going on in the episode to let everyone know about what’s up with your music!

We’d love the opportunity to work with you next!  Take a look at the extras available and you’ll see all kinds of ways you can maximize your experience with us to make it all HUGE and something the people will never forget!

Hope to see (and hear!) you soon!

– Jer @ SBS

Check Out Some Examples!

Calixxa Performance From 2015 + Spotlight On AP Production:

I, Symptom Interview From 2017 + Spotlight On National Impurities:

Music Video Show From 2016 + Spotlights On Endsightt, Omar Bowing, and The Drama Dolls:

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