Best New Sound 2020 Nomination – Day 7: Joho

 Best New Sound 2020 Nomination – Day 7: Joho

Our annual quest for the best returns!

Posted in randomized order, the nominations for the SBS Best New Sound of 2020 get revealed from Dec. 6th – 15th!

Join us in congratulating our official nomination of day 07 – Joho!

For as many great artists & bands as tends to end up on these top ten lists of ours at the finish of a year – it’d be extremely tough to find another name that gave a run at our Best New Sound in 2020 more legitimate shots than Joho has.  It’s not that he’s trying harder to make it to the #1 spot on this tiny little site of ours, it’s simply a matter of awesomeness comes extremely natural to him, and he’s proven that over several records.  While we have mainly known the man as a hybrid rapper, highly capable of handling absolutely everything from the bars to singing the hooks – Joho made a massive switch in style & sound in 2020 for one of the records he released, taking on the persona of Dirk Turquoise & The Grimy Pastels to deliver a completely different set of songs than he’s ever put out in the past.  More than a commendable effort for such an extraordinary departure from the artist we knew, into something wildly unexpected – the dude sounded inspired like never before in the Alt/Pop-Rock lineup of cuts on Parliament Of Fools – and for these reasons among so many others in 2020, Joho belongs in this year’s top 10.

Read our review on the Joho album as Dirk Turquoise & The Grimy Pastels – Parliament Of Fools by clicking here.

Full contest details will be announced on December 18th for the upcoming reader-vote to decide the ultimate winner of the SBS Best New Sound, who goes on to live on forever on our Wall Of Fame as the undisputed champion of 2020!  Why undisputed?  Because YOU get to decide the winner – and we couldn’t do it without ya.  Make sure to keep your eyes on our homepage & social media pages, and we’ll be sure to let you know when it’s time to cast your votes this year!


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