Month: <span>July 2024</span>

SBS Live This Week 190

Come watch Belly rock Seattle!  Sure we were way far away from the stage, but our Canadian asses made it to the USA to see one of the most kickass Alt bands of the 90s play at long last – bucket list item checked y’all!  They crushed a set at The Paramount opening for The […]Read More

Margarita Mantis – Jejune

Margarita Mantis – Jejune – Album Review “For this album I experimented with spatial audio. Spatial audio, otherwise known as binaural panning and surround sound, is an audio mixing technique that creates a 3D sound sensation, an illusion that the instruments are moving around you in a 3D-like mode.”  Okie doke.  There you have it, […]Read More

t dot est & maga – MAGICICADA

t dot est & maga – MAGICICADA – EP Review From what I understand, which is generally very little in life overall if I’m being truthful with ya, this EP is a collaboration between t dot est (who handles the music stuff) and maga (who handles the vocals and lyrics).  Beyond that, you probably know […]Read More

Margarita Mantis – “Though The Poppies Grow”

Margarita Mantis – “Though The Poppies Grow” – Music Video Post Back with a brand-new video to support her brand-new album, artist Margarita Mantis returned in 2024 with the release of “Though The Poppies Grow,” her first official offering since her Ocean Of Life EP that we reviewed here on our pages back in the […]Read More

HuffDaddy – Lost In The Fathom

HuffDaddy – Lost In The Fathom – Album Review + Bonus Single  Alrighty…sounds like we’ve got a very promising brand-new artist on the scene in review here today. While there are definitely multiple opportunities for HuffDaddy to grow & evolve in what he’s creating, I feel quite confident in declaring that he’s got everything it […]Read More

JoeyNiles – “Masters Of Minds”

JoeyNiles – “Masters Of Minds” – Single Review Metal music designed to make you think?  Who would’ve thought!?! Ahhh…it’s such a misunderstood style of music, ain’t it?  From the moment it first started, all the way through to where it is now, you’ll still find tons of people that think Metal is really all about […]Read More

Digital Escort – “Windshield”

Digital Escort – “Windshield” – Single Review These devilishly delightful minstrels of musical mayhem! Digital Escort has played this new single of theirs completely correctly.  Making music is best approached from multiple angles in this world we’re living in now…we’ve turned a full 180-degrees from where The Buggles feared and predicted we’d get to.  Instead […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 189

Come watch Intervals slay a set of badass instrumentals for ya!  We had the privilege of watching these dudes rock The Commodore Ballroom here in Vancouver in an opening set from 2023, and they definitely did not disappoint.  The crowd loved’em, we loved’em, and you’ll love’em too!  Stick around for a bonus track from an […]Read More

Giant Silent World – Giant Silent World

Giant Silent World – Giant Silent World – Album Review The dynamic duo of Pete Gustard and Christopher Smith returns – in full album form! I know they’ve been looking forward to getting this album out there, and the day has finally arrived.  Nearly two years since the release of their debut EP, Giant, their […]Read More

Blake Shepperd – “Molly (so WHAT?)”

Blake Shepperd – “Molly (so WHAT?)” – Single Review Someone give this guy a hug!  Sounds like he wants one. Interesting track from Blake Shepperd here. I suppose you could consider “Molly (so WHAT?)” to be the first track you’d hear on the sequel to his 2023 record called DIRTY CLUB FLOOR, which expanded from […]Read More