0037 – The Penske File

 0037 – The Penske File

Here’s a look at some of our favourite memories from our history…the SBS Photo Journal!  Gathered from our show SBS Live This Week, live events around local Vancouver, BC & beyond, and from all our random experiences here at the place we love more than anything, sleepingbagstudios. Truthfully, I’ve got no idea if these dudes ever really dug what we did with them or not – but what I do know is that all three players are continuing on stronger than ever making music in The Penske File.  They’re out east somewhere in Canada, but I’ve seen that they’ve made the trip out west and well-beyond several times since meeting them originally in the summer of 2013.  Great guys…2/3 of them were sick as dogs when they came in…but they didn’t ONLY leave their germs behind; they put in a fantastic acoustic performance which I think was a pretty unique result for this punk-folk-indie band…I know I had fun, they were excellent to talk to – check out the pics!



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