0198 – Lung Flower Music Video Shoot

 0198 – Lung Flower Music Video Shoot

Absolutely one of the most badass experiences we’ve ever had.  Filming sludge-grunge band Lung Flower two days prior to packing up the studio in BC in 2016 to move to Ottawa, Ontario was INSANE – talk about a tight schedule!  We filmed their video for “Beyond Burnt Out” and found a perfect abandoned shack in Abbotsford, BC, that perfectly suited the dirty vibe we were all looking to create.  Add in some trippin’ effects & psychedelic covers…voila…you got yourself a killer set of visuals to rock onscreen with the meaty single from Lung Flower.  Longstanding friends of sleepingbagstudios and I’m sure they will be for many more years to come…rad people to get to know over the years and seriously wicked that they let us in on the mayhem to create their video – check out some still shots & pics from our time out in the all-too-fresh farm air of Abbotsford filming the video for “Beyond Burnt Out” below!



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