0098 – Limblifter (Live @ Venue 2012)

 0098 – Limblifter (Live @ Venue 2012)

Here’s a look at some of our favourite memories from our history…the SBS Photo Journal!  Gathered from our show SBS Live This Week, live events around local Vancouver, BC & beyond, and from all our random experiences here at the place we love more than anything, sleepingbagstudios.  Full disclosure – I know these photos aren’t exactly the greatest…BUT!  They do accomplish three key things:

  1.  Fulfill a lifelong dream of seeing Limblifter live.
  2.  Confirm I was actually there.
  3.  At this key show, we also see Acres Of Lions perform for the first time.  They end up putting a melody so strongly into my head that I had to invite them out to do an episode of SBS Live This Week, which they graciously accepted.  This was all arranged well after the show, which incidentally, was every bit as awesome as I could have ever hoped for it to be – both Limblifter and Acres Of Lions put on a phenomenal show in 2012 at Venue in Vancouver.

Limblifter continues to be an incredible inspiration to me on a musical-level.  I think Ryan Dahle’s ear for sound is second to none; love the music, love the production, love the writing – he’s a genius as far as I’m concerned.



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