SBS Podcast 042

A lineup full of inspired indie artists & bands sure to have an awesome year in 2018 – including rants on new music Monkey Fightin’ Snakes and Rainy Day Crush!  Tons of rad reasons to check this new episode out – here’s a whole list of’em below!   Your official show lineup includes: Crow Eats […]Read More

WOUNDEDSPiRiT – “Forever Young”

Safe to say you can expect a really big year for the band WOUNDEDSPiRiT in 2018!  Reformed after sixteen years away from the scene – they’ve got their debut record officially coming out in March this year, with new videos, singles and all kinds of awesomeness planned to support it.  The latest offering is already […]Read More

WOUNDEDSPiRiT – “11Months3Weeks6Days”

Figured I’d start the comeback from my vacation with a reliable tune! That’s exactly what WOUNDEDSPiRiT has here with their latest single “11Months3Weeks6Days” – I dug it last time around and I dig it this time too. ‘Cause you see, that’s the thing about solid songwriting…memorable melodies like this one never really leave you and […]Read More

WOUNDEDSPiRiT – “11Months3Weeks6Days”

Great combination of rhythm, melody and energy on the new single from WOUNDEDSPiRiT called “11Months3Weeks6Days.”  Hailing from West Bromwich, UK, these guys have built a smooth pop/rock cut that delivers a completely uplifting sound through solid-hook after solid-hook in a highly entertaining, memorable performance that genuinely connects.  Check out the video they’ve put together for […]Read More