Mik Dagger – Deadly Love

Mik Dagger – Deadly Love – EP Review Well here we go!  Always great to reconnect with Stereo Era Records and hear what our homie Matt Byron has discovered next.  Dude’s got highly reliable taste in tunes and he’s smart about where he chooses to invest his time.  Results have varied a little bit throughout […]Read More

Bad Pilot – Hybrids

Bad Pilot – Hybrids – EP Review So like…where’s the single, man? Proof that great records don’t need an identifiable single to put out there and entice the people in through methods of the old-school…we’re long past those days now.  Some of you out there know what I’m talking about…back when we’d all pay $29.99 […]Read More

Nomad Scorpio – Victims & Vandals

Nomad Scorpio – Victims & Vandals – EP Review THAT…is one hell of a first impression.  A debut EP from Nomad Scorpio, on a brand-new label called Stereo Era Records, run by Matt Byron, whom you’ve seen here on our shows & pages in the past – I mean…that’s a lot of NEWNESS going on, […]Read More