Michael Regina – Exit Zero

Michael Regina – Exit Zero – EP Review Whereas I toss and turn at night trying to sleep while thinking about whether or not most bands and artists that come across these pages of ours even have a future, Michael Regina is not one that I’ve ever had to worry about.  I might stay awake […]Read More

Michael Regina – Beyond The Pale

Michael Regina – Beyond The Pale – Album Review With 3200+ reviews written here on these pages of ours, believe me when I tell ya, you’d have to do a whole lot of reading out there to find an artist that’s been as consistent with their creativity & catalog as Michael Regina has been throughout […]Read More

Michael Regina – Time’s Illusion

Michael Regina – Time’s Illusion – Album Review Like clockwork I tell ya, Michael Regina is running right on time!  One of the most reliable musicians out there in this scene we all share – his instrumental records have landed on our pages in each of the past three years, or four if you include […]Read More

Michael Regina – Zentronique

Michael Regina – Zentronique – Album Review Here’s an album that’s been in heavy rotation for me ever since I got my hands on it! Awesome to have this guy back in action…Michael Regina has an immaculate ear for sound and always manages to generate thrills even in the most chilled-out settings.  He’s verifiably wowed […]Read More

Michael Regina – Stargazer

Michael Regina – Stargazer – Album Review The warm glow of synths that springs to life before the ninety-second mark of Michael Regina’s “Orbit Epoch” that opens up his latest album Stargazer was the perfect reminder of what this soundscape artist is capable of.  As vivid as a three-dimensional painting, the dazzling colors in the […]Read More

Michael Regina – A Far Better World

Michael Regina – A Far Better World – Album Review Don’t mistake a chilled-out sound for a weak work ethic – this is Michael Regina’s FOURTH album this YEAR!  How are you feeling about those two songs you’ve been working on for the past year and a half now?  Feeling like it’s probably time to […]Read More