Forest City & Friends – Sol

Forest City & Friends – Sol – EP Review Feels like it’s been forever since we last had Forest City & Friends on our pages, when in fact it was just a couple years back…they’re basically right on time with a new release, crankin’ out material at a steady rate that no one, including me, […]Read More

October Wrap-Up @ The Secret Stash

After such an extraordinary accomplishment of managing to attract the attention of twenty whole music-fans from across the entire planet over only nine short months…it only makes sense that we’d continue to make massive strides, picking up our twenty-first subscriber within just ten months!  So uninspiring!  I cannot even begin to describe the hole this […]Read More

Forest City & Friends – Forest City & Friends

Forest City & Friends – Forest City & Friends – Album Review Aside from that whole worldwide pandemic thing, I think the timing on this record is perfect. Or at least really damn close…Forest City & Friends might be at the forefront of a wave of exciting hybrid-Rock projects, albums, and bands kicking into gear […]Read More