Captain Highside – In Southern Cities

Captain Highside – In Southern Cities – EP Review I mean…if I was judging this record from the first impression you’ll get on the way in the door, I’d readily tell ya that you’re all about to be in-store for the best of Captain Highside that I’ve personally heard to-date.  “Sway” is a fantastic song […]Read More

Captain Highside – Mistake/Mend/Master/Meditate

Captain Highside – Mistake/Mend/Master/Meditate – Album Review Mmmm – the title of this record seems like its own lifecycle or notes on how to live.  Are we supposed to do things in that order?  Mistake/Mend/Master/Meditate?  Seems like if we skipped the queue and started with the last two elements, we might not even have to […]Read More

Captain Highside – Season By Season

Captain Highside – Season By Season – EP Review I really dig people like good ol’ Captain Highside right here.  Being rooted in the independent music-scene is such a wonderful thing y’all…truly…rather than simply run into established artists & bands all the time, in doing what we’ve been doing here for nearly a decade now, […]Read More