May Wrap-Up @ The Secret Stash

Our adventures in the futility of building community continues!  How much music can we post before people naturally catch on? Another social experiment at its finest, and further proof we’re likely doing more with your music than even you are! Make no mistake – the spirit of this project cannot be broken, try as you […]Read More

SBS Podcast 122

You know what to do – tune in & turn up! We’ve got a stellar lineup of musical melodies, instrumentals, and more in-store for ya on this episode of the SBS Podcast – come have a listen to what’s happening out there in the independent scene we all love & share together!  We’ll be talking […]Read More

Arid Garden – Arid Garden

Arid Garden – Arid Garden – EP Review Big fan of these five songs on this new EP from Arid Garden, let me say that right from the get-go. This is a highly ambitious band bringing a form of progressive jazz right to the top of my playlist right now.   There’s a complete wealth of […]Read More