Andrew Farstar – Memories

Andrew Farstar – Memories – Album Review Been a couple years since we last had Andrew on our pages – welcome back to ya brother-man! He’s got me racing around all over the internet this time, trying to keep up to the guy in the lineup of cover-songs he’s got on his new album Memories…and […]Read More

Andrew Farstar – Hymns & Inspiration

Andrew Farstar – Hymns & Inspiration – Album Review I’ve had the opportunity & honor to check out a whole bunch of artist Andrew Farstar’s songs over these past couple years – most recently with a handful of his latest singles from earlier this month that we reviewed here at the homepage.  While I can […]Read More

Andrew Farstar – Spotify Singles

Andrew Farstar – Spotify Singles – Singles Review Got a handful of some of the latest cuts from Andrew Farstar here in review today – it’s been a while!  Not too long…we’ve had him on these pages a couple times over the past years in review – and from what I can see out there […]Read More

Andrew Farstar – “My Infatuation (Love Vibration)”

If you’ve been up on your reading here at sleepingbagstudios, you’ll remember the name Andrew Farstar from the tail-end of 2017 when we checked out a handful of singles from his brand-new record, Metamorphosis, in review.  One of those singles was “My Infatuation (Love Vibration)” – a sweet & smooth combination of Pop-Electro that is […]Read More

Andrew Farstar – Metamorphosis Sampler

Andrew Farstar – Metamorphosis – Album Sampler/Singles Review Neat story behind the music of singer/songwriter Andrew Farstar…when you read about how his worldly experience and capabilities for language are concerned, you gotta hand it to this guy for finding a way to incorporate a whole heck of a lot into his art.  For instance…fun FACT […]Read More