April Wrap-Up @ The Secret Stash

You’d be shocked if we told you, but brothers & sisters we are conquering mountainous milestones here at the ol’ bag. Would you believe it if I told ya that we hit DOUBLE DIGITS for subscribers in April, all thanks to YOUR incredible (incredulous?) support! Who said it takes a whole village to build a […]Read More

Across The Board – Sonic Boom

Across The Board – Sonic Boom – Album Review Back with their second full-length record already!  The Canadian crew is set to release their follow-up album to 2016’s Jane On Fire with a brand-new eight tracks on Sonic Boom.  They’ve released some singles in between as well, and the Amends EP…clearly, things are certainly moving […]Read More

Across The Board – “Are You Really Here?”

The new record from Canadian crew Across The Board called Amends is out there and available for you right at this very moment!  The latest single from the record is called “Are You Really Here?” and combines their ability to create stunning melodies, inspired rock moments and meaning messages all into one captivating new cut.  […]Read More

Across The Board – “Don’t Drag Me Down”

Across The Board – “Don’t Drag Me Down” – Single Review Fellow-Canadians and Toronto-based band Across The Board are back in action with a brand-new single called “Don’t Drag Me Down” officially released on International Women’s Day of this year & from their latest EP called Amends. Wait…what am I saying here?  Back in action?  […]Read More