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Let’s get creative!  Sign up for a video-interview with Jer @ SBS!  There’s also tons of extras you can add as well!

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Please send me any and all links to your music and social pages and I’ll start to work on an original set of video-interview questions for you right away!

We’ll send you a download link to your question-set via e-mail once we’re ready to send them.
You watch the questions, formulate your own unique plan of action, film responses however you like, and send the answers back to us.

We edit it all into one awesome show and you become a part of the legacy of SBS Live This Week, just like that!

BOOM! Showtime!

What’s In It For YOU?

Take a good look at this one!  Guaranteed quality questions for you or your band from Jer @ SBS direct, a dude that’s been involved with the industry for nearly as many years as the number of grey hairs in his beard (that’s a LOT!).  I run a professional music studio, website and promotions company – I see & hear new music, bands and artists every day!

I love what I do and it shows.  Our show, SBS Live This Week, has run for more than seven years and continues to provide an innovative & creative interview format for bands & artists to share a ton of insightful information with their existing fans, and brand-new ones too!  I designed this particular style of interview to appeal to the ultra-creative & hard-working bands/artists out there looking to do something different than just a regular interview – make no mistake, this project requires major effort on both sides of the screen to achieve its ultimate potential.  We’ll be here to help at every step of the adventure, and ultimately, together we’ll create a massive memory & promotional tool for you & your music that is unlike any other.

Journalism can be extremely stale in music, but it doesn’t HAVE to be – this style of interview puts creative control in YOUR hands.  How awesome is that?  🙂

Contact us for questions or details!  See you soon!

– Jer @ SBS

Check Out Some Examples!

Swami Lushbeard Interview From 2014:

Charming Timur Interview From 2017:

Blistur Interview From 2019:

Any Questions?

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