Zeequil – Here

 Zeequil – Here

Interesting in all sonic-forms, the new album from Zeequil entitled Here is a perfect blend of electro-meets-jazz in all its darkly-melodic glory.  From the moment the playfully-rubbery opening track “Rise Up” begins, the textures, tones and subtle-nature of Zeequil begin to hum along together like fine-tuned machinery.

Vocalist Lizzie Bradley carries on beautiful, melodies in such a creative way.  When you listen to a track like “For Your Love,” you can really hear just how freeing this music must be for the duo of Zeequil.  Combining her incredible talents with the intensely-melodic beats, sounds and instrumentals of producer-extraordinaire Mehdi El-Aquil, these two musicians pull out victory after victory in creative songwriting and true depth in sound.

Zeequil lives in the zone of droning big-beats and kick-ass effects that layer their sounds with perfect atmosphere and allow for an incredible canvas for Bradley to paint her vocals on.  You could virtually go anywhere with the backing music, and she’s courageous enough to do just that.  “Now You’re Mine,” is a hypnotic example of exactly what I mean…there’s a pulse & low-end rhythm to this song that would make any person that’s super-proud of their stereo system (you know the dude…) squeal with delight.

I mean…just listen to the all-star combinations in sound that innovative creator El-Aquil comes up with in middle cuts from the album “Spin Round,” and “Soul Memory!”  This guy is firing on all cylinders of creativity and it really allows Bradley to roam free creatively, however she feels fits, perfectly overtop.  El-Aquil goes above and beyond his own already outstanding reputation for cutting-edge sound with a perfectly mixed album on Here.  Again, the beat in something like “Hip 2 Hip” is absolutely undeniable; when combined with Lizzie’s freely flowing, beautiful voice, it becomes hypnotically necessary…to like, function.  I need this song in my life now, and always forevermore.

Much of the album plays along like Massive Attack did during their Protection album.  Rhythmic drums and jazzy vocals were a winning recipe then, and hearing the idea presented completely anew and uniquely through Zeequil gives me hope that music as an artform is quite vibrantly alive and well.  Each song is a fully explored avenue and fully-flushed out idea, performed perfectly by this artistically-inclined, harmonious musical two-piece; they might seem lengthy, but each track eases you into their sound with the same welcome as a nice hot bath to relax in…and let your mind go free.

“Waiting’s Over,” – now there’s a beautiful track through and through.  Great words, great delivery…fantastic performance from Lizzie Bradley – what a unique cat she is!  It’s all taking place against what I suppose would be possibly one of the more ‘stripped-down’ tracks put together by El-Aquil; the simple but subtle melody takes full hold on Bradley as she delivers a track full of purely authentic & complimentary love.

Overall, it’s been a captivating experience through and through.  As the final track “Outside In” pulses along, Medhi El-Aquil again demonstrates his mix-mastery with a fantastic percussive element and just superb keyboard melodies drifting in and out.  There’s no doubt in mind after the track comes to an end – to listen to Zeequil is certainly to experience Zeequil…and my experience has been incredibly enjoyable – I already can’t wait to experience Zeequil again!

YOUR turn!  Experience the Here album from Zeequil yourself at:  https://zeequil.bandcamp.com/album/here

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